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Meraki [may-rah-kee] means to do something with your soul, creativity, or love; the essence of yourself that you put in your work.

In today’s ever-changing times one thing is apparent to most businesses and entrepreneurs, there has never been a better time to create an online presence. It is almost a necessity in this day and age. However, if you are not tech-savvy with a background in marketing and advertising it is often daunting to get started, especially if you’re bootstrapping your business and don't have a large budget to hire expensive consultants, web designers, copywriters, and social media managers. It’s also time-consuming to learn and confusing to even know where to start.

Not to mention the fear-based marketing practices so prevalent in our society and the schmarmy, manipulative tactics so commonly taught and implemented because "its what works" feels disingenuous and out of integrity. I for one am not willing to bare my ass, exploit my body, or dance around like a fool pointing at imaginary words to woo customers - if that's your thing and you have the personality to do that more power to ya! No judgment here - it's just not for me. If it empowers you and resonates with your audience - go for it. Find what works for YOU!

I also don't want to make claims I can't follow through on, or inflate the value of a product when I know the value is not there or the energy exchange is not correct. The whole minimum viable product philosophy cringes my soul. Likewise, I don't want to discount or devalue my time, energy, or expertise.

I need my marketing to reflect WHO I AM as a conscious being. I want my wisdom and knowledge and the value it offers in service to my ideal clients to be at the forefront of my message. I want to be taken seriously without having to compromise my personal values. I want to feel good about my marketing message.

As a healer, I long to see a world where we operate from an abundance mindset, with solutions-oriented products and services that elevate others and amplify what's good in the world while generating real TANGIBLE RESULTS and transformation. As a marketer, I want to know that my message is not being lost in tactics that undermine my voice just because "they work." You have no idea how much it pains me to see coaches promoting their services to "break you free from your scarcity mindset" and then proceed to use fear and scarcity as a tactic to get clients to take action. It's incongruent and deep down it feels out of integrity.

Our philosophy, marketing does not have to be schmarmy and manipulative. For example, you can use urgency instead of scarcity; authenticity and transparency through clearly stated policies. Clearly defined offers replaces the need for manipulation. Communication, consistency and follow through its another great place to start. Knowing your wheelhouse and your limits, your strengths and weakness, and communicating them honestly goes a long way with conscious consumers.

If you take the time to discover your essence, what is authentic and true for you, what your core values are, and the principles you are committed to upholding as a foundation for your business and then craft your offers and message around these values it creates a win win for everyone.

If this sounds like you and you'd like support in having this happen - you are in the right place. We have solutions, the expertise and a plethora of conscious tools to help you craft a message and communicate it to your ideal clients in a way that feels good in your soul.

Our vision is to co-create a conscious economy where we all thrive together and show the world a better way to serve our clients that elevates us all.

Let's do this!

Lois Duncan

Business as a path to awakening... what a concept.

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