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We embody a lot of practical wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of experiential learning (i.e. learning things the hard way) - we created this space to share our creative musings and wisdom - with the intention of educating, inspiring and activating those who read these words.

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Welcome to our Creative Musings...

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Welcome Conscious Creators to our creative musings ...

This space is where we intend to share practical wisdom, tools and resources to educate, inspire, activate and empower conscious creators to find your voice and authentically share your message and services with integrity and transparency in alignment with your core values.

We are conscious creatives deeply committed to an evolutionary shift from the old paradigm of fear-based marketing and advertising, away from competition, consumerism and greed in favor of love-based marketing, predicated on cooperation and collaboration.

We employ our own unique approach we like to call empowerment marketing or Evolutionary Un-Marketing® - with the intention of shifting the old paradigms of how marketing has been done in the past to be more in alignment with where humanity is headed based on transparency, integrity and collaboration.

As you get to know us you will see that we are committed to embodied action - walking our talk - and we carry years of experience in digital marketing, strategy, design, content management and so much more. Our desire to be the change we wish to see in the world guides us and our business practices.

In the ever changing digital market place where it's almost impossible to keep up with all the new technologies and innovations, we empower you with simple tools to get your message out, have your voice heard, create real connections with like-minded souls in need of your services - while reducing the tech overwhelm so you can focus more on sharing your gifts and less on figuring out how to be found by your ideal client.

We invite you to check out our platform for conscious creators Meraki Tribe Collective and hope you will get familiar with our vision, mission and core values and if it feels in alignment - join us! Let shift paradigms together!!

Encoded with Love & Light,

Lois Duncan

P.S. For more details on our back story check out our Conscious Call To Action!

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